What kinds of behavior are “derailers”?


Marc Effron  (Author & President, Talent Strategy Group)


Marc Effron discusses the kinds of behavior that can derail career advancement. He provides an overview of the three major types of derailers including “moving away behavior”, “moving towards behavior” and ingratiating behavior. Effron explains why these three types of behaviors need to be corrected.


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Marc Effron

Author & President, Talent Strategy Group
Marc helps the world's largest and most successful companies improve the quality and depth of their talent. As the founder and President of the Talent Strategy Group, he leads the firm’s global consulting, education, executive search and publishing businesses. Marc co-authored the Harvard Business Review Publishing best-selling book One Page Talent Management, and is launching his new book 8 Steps to High Performance.

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Kelsey Hubbard

Kelsey Hubbard


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