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Charles Morgan (Author and Former CEO, Acxiom Corporation)

Charles D. Morgan, former Chairman and CEO of Acxiom Corporation, founder and CEO of First Orion, talks with Sarder TV correspondent, Lyndsay Christian, about his career and his new book, Now What? The Biography of a (Finally) Successful Startup. He shares his belief that it is important to stay curious, dig deep in some subjects and dabble in others while keeping a focus on what is important. This includes his lifelong interest in technology, a love of flying and race cars.


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Charles Morgan

Author and Former CEO, Acxiom Corporation

CEO and Chairman of his latest tech venture, First Orion and author of MATTERS OF LIFE AND DATA, and Now What? The Biography Of A (Finally) Successful Startup. Former Chairman and CEO of Acxiom Corporation (1972-2008), world leader in data gathering and its accompanying technology, with 1,500 separate pieces of information on some half a billion people around the globe.

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Lyndsay Christian

Lyndsay Christian


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