What is the most significant predictor of success in the life of a future CEO?

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Elena Lytkina Botelho  (Author & Partner, ghSMART)

Elena L. Botelho explains what the data from the CEO Genome indicates are significant predictors in the career journey to becoming a CEO. According to Botelho, while graduating from a prestigious school or working at a top firm, can help, it was a proven record of taking risks and delivering positive results that were the most important factors in determining future success. This could include turning around a division that is failing that nobody else wants or succeeding with a difficult project. She also indicates that it takes an average of twenty-four years to obtain the job of CEO.


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Elena Lytkina Botelho

Author & Partner, ghSMART
Elena L. Botelho is coauthor of The CEO Next Door and partner in leadership advisory firm ghSMART. She initiated and co-leads The CEO Genome Project - an extensive research and client practice that provides guidance to CEOs and executives on the path to becoming CEO. Prior to joining ghSMART, Elena was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, where she advised CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies and major private equity players on the issues of M&A, business strategy, organizational change, and operations.

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