What is the definition of an A player?

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Rick Crossland (Author, Founder & Talent Expert, A Player Advantage)

Rick Crossland defines the types of characteristics and behavior that typifies an A player type individual. He discusses how A players are defined by performance, by their ability to make a positive difference in their jobs, and the value they deliver. According to Crossland, an employee that you would enthusiastically rehire is likely to be an A player.


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Rick Crossland

Author, Founder & Talent Expert, A Player Advantage

Rick Crossland is an internationally known expert and thought leader on A Player talent. He works with organizations across the country to transform good companies into great companies with his unique A Player approach. His innovative approach to developing and validating A Players has been published on leading business sites such as Inc.com, Fortune.com, and many others.

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Vanessa Tyler

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