What is the technology behind Declara?

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Ramona Pierson (Co-Founder & CEO, Declara)

Ramona Pierson talks about how she modeled the software that runs behind Declara products on her guide dog, Annie, and her abilities and behavior. She talks about how her guide dog was able to learn from her and anticipate her needs and how the software she develops looks to do the same thing for humans in terms of improving learning skills.


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Ramona Pierson

Co-Founder & CEO, Declara

Ramona founded and is the CEO of Declara, which is a social learning platform for human capital development, that helps companies, governments and organizations predict, teach, assess, and respond to the growing demand for 21st Century Skills. It is focused on mobile social learning solutions, Algorithms, and Machine Learning. Ramona’s national and international work has recently led her to becoming an expert on building the intelligence for gaming and simulation technologies such as personalizing the experiences for the user so they can learn information deeper and more efficiently.

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