Why should students choose to be a CPA as a career path?

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Blake Christian (Author & Tax Partner, HCVT LLP)

Blake Christian provides his view of the career of a certified public accounting including that it is not boring as many perceive and it offers great career opportunities. He describes the relationship between CPA’s and their clients and the level of trust that can develop. Christian points out the different careers that a being a CPA can prepare one for including being a CFO or a CEO. He provides examples of CEO’s who started out as CPA’s.


About Author

Blake Christian

Author & Tax Partner, HCVT LLP

Blake brings over 35 years of providing tax consulting and compliance service to clients that include multinational, publicity traded corporations, as well as closely held owner-managed businesses. Blake’s industry experience is broad and includes manufacturing and distribution, service companies, restaurant, shipping and transportation, energy and healthcare.

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Vanessa Tyler

Vanessa Tyler

Sarder TV Journalist, and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist & Anchor

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