What kinds of skills do multi-dominant leaders need?

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Ann Herrman-Nehdi (Author & CEO, Herrmann International)

Ann Herrman-Nehdi talks about the kinds of skills leaders should have to be successful including being situational and agile in their thinking. She points out that leaders should act as the “translator” for others on the team and make sure that each person has a voice in meetings. Ann talks about why it is so important to have teams that are diverse and can present ideas from different perspectives.


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Author & CEO, Herrmann International

Ann Herrmann-Nehdi is the co-author of The Whole Brain Business Book and also CEO of Herrmann International, the originators and trailblazers of Whole Brain® Thinking and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®). Ann applies the principles of Whole Brain® Thinking to her varied responsibilities, including global leadership, strategic consulting, ongoing research, learning design and speaking engagements.

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Tracey Fitzpatrick

Tracey Fitzpatrick

Sarder TV Anchor & Former Market News Video Anchor

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