Are there similarities in how successful boxers & business people approach their careers?

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Mark Taffet (Former SVP & Head of Sports, HBO)

Mark Taffet talks about how he worked with boxing athletes to build their brand and expand their fan base as part of a large marketing strategy. He explains that both athletes in the boxing program and their promoters have to have endless energy and a bigger vision than just the next fight. Taffet discusses how top boxers are successful because they outwork everybody, working nonstop on their craft, and have strong self-confidence in their abilities.


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Mark Taffet

Former SVP & Head of Sports, HBO

Mark Taffet was in charge of HBO Pay-Per-View as its senior vice president for almost 25 years. He was responsible for all aspects of network including programming, distribution, sponsorship, marketing, publicity and operations. Current he is the CEO of Mark Taffet Media – where he does consulting and provide business advisory services to businesses in a broad range of sports.

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Cara Castronuova

Cara Castronuova

Sarder TV Journalist ,Television Personality and Fitness Expert

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