What are the seven steps to financial abundance?

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May McCarthy (Author of Path to Wealth)

May McCarthy goes through her spiritual practice to success step by step. She discusses how her daily practice is based on creating a partnership between this divine intelligence or intuition and then use intentionality and gratitude to achieve one’s goals in life. The practice includes taking time every morning to read something inspirational, write a letter of thanks to your Chief Spirituality Officer (CSO) or divine intelligence describing what you want to achieve as if it has already happened, read the letter aloud with emotion, visualize yourself reaching your goal, expect leads during the day to help you, celebrate when this happens, and end the day with gratitude and give up any unresolved issues to the CSO.


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May McCarthy

Author of Path to Wealth

May McCarthy is an Angel investor and member of angel investment groups in the Puget Sound. May advises start-up companies through a variety of organizations including Live Sciences of WA and WTIA, and is involved in philanthropic and educational service organizations. She is also Chief Empowerment Officer at Bizzultz, LLC., and a best-selling author focusing on Business Growth Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Sales & Marketing Skills, Investing & Fundraising Methods, and Developing Intuition as a Success Tool.

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