Sarder CIO LIVE #1: Case Studies of IT Megatrends

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Sarder CIO LIVE #1 (Case Studies of IT Megatrends)

On Nov 9, 2017, Sarder TV hosted it’s first CIO LIVE at Wyndham New Yorker Hotel. It was a lively discussion, with a panel consisting of:

– Randy Gross (CIO at CompTIA)
– Brian Watson (Co-Head, CIO Networks, Metis Strategy and Best-Selling Author)
– Joseph Tufano (CIO at St. John’s University)
– Russell Sarder (Author, Entrepreneur and CEO at NetCom Learning)

At the Sarder CIO LIVE, we discussed which IT Megatrends are shaping the organizational landscape and how they impact companies, leaders and business strategies.


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