How do you review and assess implemented action or refresh your strategy with innovation?

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Susan Angele (KPMG’s Board Leadership)

Susan Angele talks about the different ways in which corporate boards can stay current and informed on innovations in the marketplace. She discusses why it is important for board members to be lifelong learners particularly around coming trends and technological innovations. According to Angele, staying current about the business marketplace is important in being able to make decisions that impact product development and company growth.


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Susan Angele

Senior Advisor, KPMG’s Board Leadership

Senior Advisor, Board Governance, at KPMG's Board Leadership Center, champion outstanding corporate governance to drive long term corporate value and enhance investor confidence. The Board Leadership Center includes KPMG's Audit Committee Institute, and provides thought leadership supporting Women Corporate Directors, the only global membership organization and community of women board members. I joined the Board Leadership Center after 25 years in the consumer products industry, protecting value and enabling sustainable global growth of some of the world's most famous and best-loved brands.

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Vanessa Tyler

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