Why is it important to know the organizational DNA?

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Ray Wang (Author & CEO, Constellation Research)

Ray Wang talks about why businesses need to know where they fall as a company in terms of innovation. He provides an overview of organizations segmented by type from market leaders to laggards and discusses why some segments are at risk of failure.


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Ray Wang

Author & CEO, Constellation Research

Ray Wang is Founder and Chairman of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research, Inc. that advises Global 2000 companies on the future, business strategy, and disruptive technology adoption. Ray is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and well quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC TV, Reuters, IDG News Service, and other global media outlets. He is also the author of the popular business strategy and technology blog “A Software Insider’s Point of View”, with viewership in the 10’s of millions of page views a year, and author of the book Disrupting Digital Business. I his career, Wang has previously held executive roles in product, marketing, strategy, and consulting at companies such as Forrester Research, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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Jennifer Crumpton

Jennifer Crumpton

Sarder TV Anchor, Author & Media Professional

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