Of 300 CEOs who Impressed you the most?

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Robert Reiss (Co-author & Host, The CEO Show)

Arkahdi Kuhlmann is the CEO that Robert Reiss discusses in this video. Arkahdi Kuhlmann is the former Chairman and President of Ing Direct who was able to found the single largest savings bank in the United States by focusing on helping customers save money instead of spending it. According to Reiss, Kuhlmann is an American hero who served a higher purpose as CEO which is essential for being a transformative CEO.


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Robert Reiss

Co-author & Host, The CEO Show

During the past 5 seasons Reiss has interviewed in-depth over 250 CEOs on The CEO Show with Robert Reiss. The program is a weekly nationally syndicated radio show. He has recently added its abridged version The CEO Show Minute which airs over 3,000 times a week as a daily show from 85 markets. The program has over 600,000 weekly listeners. A frequent presenter, over the past two decades Reiss has given over 300 speeches. He is the Chairman and emcee of The Conference Board’s Senior Marketing Executive Conference. Reiss also write for Forbes.com as a CEO specialist and is co-author of The Transformative CEO, published in June 2012 by McGraw-Hill.

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