Why did you name your company Global Silicon Valley?

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Deborah Quazzo (Founder & Managing Partner, Global Silicon Valley Advisors)

Deborah Quazzo talks about why she and partner decided on the name Global Silicon Valley Advisers as a company name and how the high success model of the Silicon Valley is being replicated around the world.


About Author

Deborah Quazzo

Founder & Managing Partner, Global Silicon Valley Advisors

Deborah is the Managing Partner of GSV AcceleraTE, a venture capital fund investing in exceptional entrepreneurs and their companies in the $75B education and talent technology sector. In addition, she is the
Co-founder and Managing Partner of the ASU GSV Summit and Founder and Senior Advisor of GSV Advisors. Deborah currently serves on the boards of Ascend Learning, Degreed, The Educational Testing Service (ETS), Lightneer, Remind, and Web.com (NASDAQ: WWWW).

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Jennifer Crumpton

Jennifer Crumpton

Sarder TV Anchor, Author & Media Professional

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