What Makes a Great Leader?

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Savio Chan (President and CEO, US China Partners)

Savio Chan and Russell Sarder discuss what makes a great leader. Savio discusses the different traits that a good leader should have including knowing how to bring out the best in employees, an insatiable knowledge for learning and a passion to share that learning. A good leader also according to Chan lets their employees make mistakes and lets them shine.


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Savio Chan

President & CEO at US China Partners, Inc., President, Northeast Region USPAACC

Savio Chan is a pre-eminent expert on doing business in China. He serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of US China Partners Inc., a privately held business development firm specializing in Market Entry, Strategic Sourcing and Marketing Development in China for U.S. companies. Savio also facilitates local and cross-border joint ventures among leading Chinese multinationals as well as Fortune 1000 companies.

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