Do leaders tend to fall into a herd mentality to predict outcomes?

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Michele Wucker (Author & CEO, Gray Rhino & Company)

Michelle Wucker explains why it is so important that leaders examine their decision-making processes, particularly when dealing with problems such as gray rhinos. She talks about the issue of cognitive biases and how if there is no diversity of opinion provided in decision making the instinct of the herd mentality can kick in and bad decisions can occur.


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Michele Wucker

Author & CEO, Gray Rhino & Company

Michele Wucker is an author, commentator and policy analyst specializing in the world economy and crisis anticipation. Michele is a global thought leader with three decades of experience in media, finance, and non-profit management and content creation. She is the author of The Gray Rhino: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers we Ignore.

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Tracey Fitzpatrick

Tracey Fitzpatrick

Sarder TV Anchor & Former Market News Video Anchor

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