What is the most important element for creating a super fight?

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Mark Taffet (Former SVP & Head of Sports, HBO)

Mark Taffet talks about what goes into creating a super fight that people will want to watch. He discusses the issue of matchmaking or the matching of specific fighters as fight opponents. Taffet describes the difference between fight events that are super fights and those fights that are shown as part of the ongoing HBO subscription service.


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Mark Taffet

Former SVP & Head of Sports, HBO

Mark Taffet was in charge of HBO Pay-Per-View as its senior vice president for almost 25 years. He was responsible for all aspects of network including programming, distribution, sponsorship, marketing, publicity and operations. Current he is the CEO of Mark Taffet Media – where he does consulting and provide business advisory services to businesses in a broad range of sports.

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Cara Castronuova

Cara Castronuova

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