How does improvisation teach you to fail fast?

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David Wilk  (Author & Co-founder, Four Day Weekend)

David Wilk explains how learning improvisation skills can help you to fail fast, learn from the failure and move on toward success. He talks about how when you are on stage doing an improvisation the actors have to be able to move on from an idea that is not engaging the audience quickly while collaborating to find an idea that works. Wilk points out how these concepts can be put to work in a corporate setting including empowering employees to offer their ideas in a way that they will be listened to and ideas built upon to create high percentage choices.


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David Wilk

Author & Co-founder, Four Day Weekend
David Wilk is a Founding Member of the Four Day Weekend Comedy Theater. In addition to having performed more than 5,000 live shows, he also is a keynote speaking for corporate clients and his client list reads like a “who’s who” of the fortune 500. Dave and his Four Day Weekend colleague's new book, "Happy Accidents, the Transformative Power of Yes, And At Work and In Life", became a National Bestseller and the Four Day Weekend was recently named "Entrepreneurs in Residence" at TCU's Neely School of Business sharing their "Yes, And" philosophy and how it applies to business.

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Vaishali Jain

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