How do successful CEOs approach communication?

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Elena Lytkina Botelho  (Author & Partner, ghSMART)

Elena L. Botelho provides examples of how successful CEOs deal with business communication. She talks about how top CEOs understand their audience and tend to create deliberate routines to communicate their message. One of the mantras of CEOs is to utilize the rule of “say the message at least seven times in seven different modalities” and say it repeatedly and relentlessly. Botelho also points out that CEOs that succeed in their jobs tend to be mentors to others very early in their career.


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Elena Lytkina Botelho

Author & Partner, ghSMART
Elena L. Botelho is coauthor of The CEO Next Door and partner in leadership advisory firm ghSMART. She initiated and co-leads The CEO Genome Project - an extensive research and client practice that provides guidance to CEOs and executives on the path to becoming CEO. Prior to joining ghSMART, Elena was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, where she advised CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies and major private equity players on the issues of M&A, business strategy, organizational change, and operations.

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