How did you reach your level of success?


Bill Schaninger (Author & Senior Partner at McKinsey & Co.)

Bill Schaninger discusses how his knowledge and theoretical background helped create opportunities for him to make a difference in his career. He talks about his work reevaluating organizational excellence and success in light of the failure of the .com era. Schaninger explains the importance of being able to measure success and organizational health based on the rigorous application of business and data-based approaches.


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Bill Schaninger

Author & Senior Partner at McKinsey & Co.

Bill Schaninger is an expert on the role of culture, values, and leadership in improving business outcomes, he has helped CEOs, government ministers, and other top executives assess organizational health and lead initiatives to improve it. He also brings strong experience in strategic human resources, helping organizations understand how to create world-class talent systems and winning workforce dynamics. Since joining McKinsey in 2000, Bill has focused his work on driving large-scale organizational and cultural change for diverse clients across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Lyndsay Christian

Lyndsay Christian


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