How do you hire the right people?

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Rachel Tuller (Former CEO & Business Coach, Vistage)

In this short video Rachel Tuller provides some quick tips on hiring. According to Rachel hiring should be a careful slow process that takes into consideration the role and the skill set you need to fill. She also talks about how you don’t want to miss out on potential top employees. Sometimes according to Tuller a really skilled candidate will apply for work and a job can be created to fit the candidate to the company’s benefit.


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Rachel Tuller

Former CEO & Business Coach, Vistage

Rachel Tuller is a proven leader in high-profile executive roles having served as a 25+ year IT industry entrepreneur primarily in Education, Training and Certification leadership. She has a strong background in Global Business Development as an innovative & creative thinker, focused on solution-oriented programs. Having run both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, she has uniquely well-rounded perspectives on growth, retention and client service. Has worked for Vistage, CompTIA, New Horizon and many other companies in strategy roles. Currently she leads Strategic Partnerships & Integrations at Citrix.

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