Harish Rao, CEO of Interpersonal Frequency, talks about his career

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Harish Rao (CEO, Interpersonal Frequency)

Harish Rao, CEO of Interpersonal Frequency, talks with Jennifer Crumpton, Sarder TV correspondent about his career and what he refers to as the “happy coincidences” in his life that have led to success.


About Author

Harish Rao

CEO, Interpersonal Frequency

Harish began his career as a whiz kid and the Director of IT for Governor Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, where he was responsible for all back-end technologies including communications, technology, infrastructure, and data services. In 2009, after a successful exit from his previous company, Harish founded Interpersonal Frequency. Harish is also currently working toward his PhD in Computing in the field of “big data,” network science, and network prediction from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Interviewed By

Jennifer Crumpton

Jennifer Crumpton

Sarder TV Anchor, Author & Media Professional

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