What happened after banks agreed to stop monitoring PE firms?

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Josh Kosman (Author & Reporter, New York Post)

John Kosman talks about what happened with credit agencies before the great recession. He discusses how when private equity firms bought companies and then put them deeply in debt, credit risk managers either turned the other way or if they complained were often fired. Kosman shares how after the recession credit managers became much more cautious. He also talks about possible repercussions if the present administration decides to roll back current legislation that curtails leveraged buyouts.


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Josh Kosman

Author & Reporter, New York Post

Josh Kosman is the author of The Buyout of America: How Private Equity is Destroying Jobs and Killing the American Economy. He has been covering the financial industry for nearly twenty years. Josh is a reporter for the New York Post, a former editor at Mergermarket.com and a former senior writer for The Deal and Buyouts Newsletter. He appears frequently in the media as a private equity and mergers expert.

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Vaishali Jain

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