What is your forecast for the job market?

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Larry Boyer (Futurist, Economist, Analyst, Visionary)

Larry Boyer talks about what he refers to as the fourth industrial revolution. He discusses what this means for the future of jobs including that just like every other major industrial transformation we can’t yet see where it is going to go end up. He explains that generally there would be a convergence of technologies that will result in the creation of new ways to work. Boyer points out that industrial revolution can last from thirty to forty years so the impact of this period will be with us for some time.


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Larry Boyer

Futurist, Economist, Analyst, Visionary & President, Success Rockets LLC

Larry Boyer is a Futurist, Economist, Technologist and Coach, who is recognized across disciplines for helping people and businesses excel through economic uncertainties and disruption. He founded Success Rockets LLC in the wake of the financial crisis to help individuals whose lives and careers were disrupted to define a new future. The Fourth Industrial Revolution stands to bring to businesses and workers alike and Larry is ready to help.

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Vanessa Tyler

Vanessa Tyler

Sarder TV Journalist, and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist & Anchor

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