Do you find any skill gap issue when hiring talent?

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Michael DeSimone (Former CEO, Borderfree)

Michael DeSimone talks about hiring issues at Borderfree and how it is unlikely to be able to find individuals with the right mix of skills including marketing, technology and ecommerce knowledge and how their efforts focus on training and staff retention.


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Michael DeSimone

Former CEO, Borderfree

Michael’s career spans more than 25 years in both the financial services and technology industries. He has held senior roles in sales, operations and product development at Travelex, Citibank and Thomas Cook Financial Services. During more than 8 years, Michael DeSimone was the CEO and President of Borderfree. An ecommerce pioneer, Michael successfully led the transformation of Borderfree from an online currency conversion service, to a provider of global ecommerce solutions for major retailers. Currently he is working as a CEO of ShopKeep a cloud-based iPad point of sale.

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Chitra Nawbatt

Chitra Nawbatt

Sarder TV Journalist, and Media Correspondent

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