How to find right people?

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Dan Hoffman (Former CEO, M5 Networks)

Dan discusses how his company uses behavioral interviewing that force the candidate to think and offer concrete examples of how he or she would handle a certain task. Dan also believes that to attract the right people a company needs to be seen as a great place to work and offer innovative programs for their employees.


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Dan Hoffman

Former CEO, M5 Networks

Dan joined a successful early Internet service provider that sold in 1998, founded and failed by 2000 with a venture-backed roll-up in Asia, and then started and grew M5 Networks that became a pioneer in the Cloud communications industry. Dan held CEO position at M5 Networks for 12 years and after that sold the company to ShoreTel (SHOR) where he was a President. Currently Dan is now living in Barcelona, Spain on a family adventure. He is working on weaponizing innovations in education and technology to try to find a new model that enables people to learn the skills they need to be great at work.

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