How to Find the Best Performers?

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Michael Tull (Author & Adjunct Faculty, New York University)

Michael discusses how to hire the best performers or the people who do the work according to the Triangle Theory. The discussion includes talk about the right skills, knowledge, psychological and physical abilities to do a job and the importance of being able to self manage. He also talks about how if you can’t find all the qualities you need in an employee then you will want to mentor and work with the individual to get them to the level the job requires.


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Michael Tull

Author & Adjunct Faculty, New York University

Michael has over 25 years of national and international experience as a consultant, coach, manager, and trainer in a wide range of industries. His aim is to understand the performance process of both individuals and groups and how they function on a day-to-day basis. In his book, The Triangle Strategy: How to Create an Engaged, Execution-focused Workplace, he brings attention to the discipline and practices required to maintain high levels of performance. He's on the faculty of the NYU School of Professional Studies, Leadership and Human Capital Management Department where he developed and conducts a leadership course: Creating a High-Performance Workplace.

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