Do you have a Mentor?

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Lewis Schiff (Author, Business owners Council & Executive Director, Inc. Magazine’s)

According to Schiff, the whole process of being mentored encapsulates the best of successful networking. He states that finding people who are better than you at what you are trying to achieve will always improve your knowledge and skill level. Schiff discusses that he has always had mentors and he makes sure to value the mentor and the process. He talks about how once you have learned what you need to from a person, while you never treat the knowledge you gained as a casual gift, you need to move on to the next mentor to learn new skills.


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Lewis Schiff

Author of "Business Brilliant", Business owners Council & Executive Director, Inc. Magazine’s

Lewis Schiff is the executive director and founder of Inc. Business Owners Council, a membership organization for Inc. Magazine’s top entrepreneurs and owners of closely held family businesses and maintains a blog about behavioral entrepreneurship on Schiff is the author of Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons (Harper Collins, 2013). He has founded Advanced Planning Group, and co-founded CEG Worldwide, a high-performance coaching program for financial advisors. He has contributed to and CNNfn, has written for Investment Advisor magazine,, and

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