How do you make a commitment to change?

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Scott Schwefel (Author of Discover Yourself)

Scott Schwefel addresses the issue of commitment. According to Schwefel, a commitment is not a true commitment until it is written down. He talks about the importance of writing down your goals in specific ways assigning dates for the completion of intended tasks. Schwefel discusses how he has utilized a written master dream list in his life to achieve his goals.


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Scott Schwefel

Author of Discover Yourself

Scott is the author of Discover Yourself and has personally trained and coached over 1500 CEOs as a Speaker for Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO member organization. Today Scott and his team deliver increased sales, profits and productivity in some of the world’s best companies, while traveling globally himself training teams, Leaders and Sales People, speaking to thousands, and hopefully reaching millions more via his live webinars and videos.

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