What are the changes you’ve made since you became CSO at ADP?

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Roland Cloutier (Chief Security Officer, ADP)

Roland Cloutier talks about the changes he has made as CSO at ADP that coincided with an overall strategy to centralize all operations of the business. He discusses his main initiative that was to expand the scope of the security responsibilities and create a centralized delivery process on a global scale that acted in a local way. Cloutier explains how the goal was to develop standardized set of services that operated across the company in a way that was sustainable and fully accountable. In addition, he talks about how his organization currently deals with fifteen billion events across business transactions per day and are working to be able to handle more than twenty-five billion in the future.


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Roland Cloutier

Chief Security Officer, ADP

Roland Cloutier is a global executive security, risk, and privacy leader bringing over 20 years' experience. He has functional and operational responsibility for ADP' s cyber, information protection, risk, workforce protection, crisis management, and investigative security operations worldwide. ADP is one of the world's largest providers of human capital management solutions.

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Vaishali Jain

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