What challenges do global companies face with branding?

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Howard Belk (Co-CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Siegel+Gale)

Howard Belk talks about the types of branding and marketing efforts that his company provides to global companies. He discusses the kinds of things that internationally based companies are looking for including a value proposition that resonates around the world, and a brand voice that is consistent across geographic lines, along with an achievable plan of execution that is delivered simultaneously at all company locations.


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Howard Belk

Co-CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Siegel+Gale

Howard Belk is Co-CEO & Chief Creative Officer at Siegel+Gale. He provides strategic and creative counsel to brands that covet a global customer base, and has over 25 years experience serving Fortune 500 companies. Belk also serves on the Board of Advisors for Kahn Lucas and the Board of Trustees for University of the Arts and is frequently quoted by major media outlets, a regular speaker at professional conferences, juried numerous competitions, served as guest professor at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, published essays and commentary, and been the recipient of many awards for design and art direction.

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Vaishali Jain

Vaishali Jain

Sarder TV Journalist, and Former Bloomberg TV Journalist

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