Can you provide an example of how Avanade used robot technology?

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Gail Forkosh  (Global Head of Learning & Development, Avanade)

Gail Forkosh discusses how Avanade worked with a robotics company to develop a robotic concierge for the banking industry. She talks about how Pepper the Robot has successfully been introduced in local banks to act as a greeter and to provide information on banking products and services. According to Forkosh, the use of the robot has made the banking experience fun and increased foot traffic to the banks.


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Gail Forkosh

Global Head of Learning & Development, Avanade

Gail is an insightful, collaborative and results-driven senior strategic planning and operations thought leader skilled at tightly aligning strategic business initiatives with global business solutions to boost enterprise-wide capabilities and profitability for major multinationals. She has over 20 years of frontline experience leveraging strong financial, IT and human capital expertise to drive the strategic planning process for critical global change initiatives. Gail possess polished interpersonal and communication skills to favorably influence executive decision making, build trusted management and stakeholder relationships and develop and lead teams of up to 200 personnel to achieve business objectives.

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