Can storytelling techniques be used to deal with workplace conflict?

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Murray Nossel  (Author, Founder & Director, Narativ Inc)

Murray Nossel discusses why being able to listen without judgment or opinion is essential to successful storytelling in the corporate setting. According to Nossel, workplace conflicts occur because of a breakdown in understanding that is usually based on incorrect assumptions about other people. He talks about how storytelling techniques can provide a way for parties in conflict to hear factual information that can reduce conflict and encourage open discussion.


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Murray Nossel

Author, Founder & Director, Narativ Inc

Murray Nossel, PhD, is the founder and director of Narativ, a firm with offices in New York and London that specializes in storytelling training for business. Murray helps clients, including Fortune 500 companies, universities, and nonprofits, create messages that genuinely represent who they are and what they do for onboarding, recruiting, employee engagement, leadership, as well as branding and external messaging. Nossel is also author of the book Powered by Storytelling.

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