How can both the new & old methods of advertising be used effectively?

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Jeff Rosenblum (Author & Co-President of Questus)

Jeff Rosenblum provides his view of how traditional advertising content can be utilized successfully in a modern branding effort. He talks about how traditional advertising can become a gateway to drive traffic to immersive branding experiences for consumers. He also discusses the use of data and consumer purchasing behavior in the branding process.


About Author

Jeff Rosenblum

Author, Documentary Filmmaker & Co-President, Questus

Jeff Rosenblum is documentary filmmaker, industry disruptor, and Founding Partner of Questus, a digital marketing agency that has worked with some of the world’s most influential brands including American Express, Bloomberg, Capital One, Discovery Channel, Disney, Driscoll’s, General Mills, Ford, ESPN, Suzuki Motorcycles, The NFL, Universal Orlando, Verizon and more. Jeff wrote and directed The Naked Brand, a groundbreaking documentary about the advertising revolution, and has garnered some of marketing’s most prestigious awards. He is also the author of Friction: Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption.

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