How can management identify bullying in their organizations?

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Andrew Faas (Author of From Bully to Bull’s Eye)

Andrew Faas talks about how workplace bullying can be identified and how fixing it must start at the top with senior management and the board of directors. He points out that the biggest indicator of a toxic work environment is one in which employees don’t feel free to speak out and share their opinions. Faas explains that management needs to make sure that they are not just hearing the good news at a top level but are drilling down to the employee level to understand their concerns and issues. He provides examples of organizations with toxic environments and explains what he believes needs to happen to fix them.


About Author

Andrew Faas

Author of From Bully to Bull's Eye

Faas is an author, activist, philanthropist and management advisor promoting psychologically healthy safe and fair workplaces. He has written for publications like Directors & Boards and has been interviewed in Workforce Magazine, Business Insider, and many other publications and websites. His foundation, The Faas Foundation has partnered with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence on a groundbreaking initiative called “Emotional Revolution in the Workplace” which will revolutionize the way organizations operate leveraging the power of emotional intelligence.

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Vanessa Tyler

Vanessa Tyler

Sarder TV Journalist, and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist & Anchor

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