How can we get out of the phenomenon of learned helplessness?

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Jonas Koffler (Author of Hustle)

Jonas Koffler talks about the situation where employees are in a position where they feel incapable of moving forward in their career and offers some ways that individuals can get past being “stuck”.


About Author

Jonas Koffler

New York Times Bestselling Author

Jonas is a creative, unconventional, and highly versatile entrepreneur, writer, speaker, media producer, marketer, and consultant with expertise in creativity, innovation, success, and personal and organizational growth. He is a co-author, (with Neil Patel and Patrick Vlaskovits) of The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and Indie Bound bestselling book HUSTLE (published by Rodale Books, Sept. 2016). As a writer, he has published articles that have featured in The New York Times, Time, FastCompany, Business Insider, Investors Business Daily, Inc., Rodale Wellness, New York Post and others.

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