How to Build a Culture of Change within an Organization?

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Atti Riazi (CIO, United Nations, Ogilvy & Mather)

Atti Riazi discusses her philosophy for dealing with change as a technologist and a CIO of an organization. According to Riazi, change is the number one problem for organizations but without it organizations die. All success states Riazi, starts with creativity and with creativity comes chaos and change. She discusses a three pronged method for instituting and dealing with change which includes a military approach, a marketing approach and a political approach.


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Atti Riazi

CIO, United Nations

Atefeh (Atti) Riazi is CIO of the United Nations and previously served in both the public and private sectors, managing large organizations as well as large-scale technology and transformational projects and initiatives. Atti is a senior executive and a philanthropist, she has published numerous articles and studies. Riazi speaks frequently on issues involving technology, organizations and work. She has also served on the Boards of financial and marketing organizations.

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