What is the best way to deal with annoying customers & vendors?

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Ilene Marcus (Author & CEO, Aligned Workplace)

Ilene Marcus discusses the importance of being able to deal successfully with your difficult vendors and customers. According to Marcus, the people who bring you money are essential to the success of your business and you must find a way to deal with annoying vendors and customers. She provides some recommendations such as using a team approach when conducting business with vendors and customers so that there is always a backup.


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Ilene Marcus

Author & CEO, Aligned Workplace

Ilene Marcus is the author of the book Managing Annoying People, and founder of the consulting firm, Aligned Workplace. With professional experiences ranging from the public sector to tech pioneer DoubleClick, stalwart nonprofit organizations to healthcare companies, and from product-driven small businesses to leading CEO organization Vistage International, Marcus is known for her ability to quickly assess situations and define actionable solutions.

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Vanessa Tyler

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