How to Become a ‘A-Player’?

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Savio Chan (President and CEO, US China Partners)

Savio Chan defines “A Players” as the people who are constantly improving themselves and understand that they are here on earth to serve other people and to do something good in society. He states that “A Players” look at success as a direction not a destination and that direction is forward.


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Savio Chan

President & CEO at US China Partners, Inc., President, Northeast Region USPAACC

Savio Chan is a pre-eminent expert on doing business in China. He serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of US China Partners Inc., a privately held business development firm specializing in Market Entry, Strategic Sourcing and Marketing Development in China for U.S. companies. Savio also facilitates local and cross-border joint ventures among leading Chinese multinationals as well as Fortune 1000 companies.

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