How can we avoid getting stuck in a job? By Annie McKee (Author & Program Director, University of Pennsylvania)

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Annie McKee (Author & Program Director, University of Pennsylvania)

Annie McKee shares her views on how people can fall into a rut and feel stuck in a job and unable to improve the situation. She talks about how feeling stuck in a job is directly related to the level of stress or pressure a person feels at work. This stress usually comes from bad bosses, poor work relationships or bad choices states McKee. She suggests a variety of ways to address this feeling of powerlessness at work including to look for clues related to personal health including both physical and emotional health.


About Author

Annie McKee

Author & Program Director, University of Pennsylvania

Annie McKee is a bestselling author and advisor to top global leaders, from CEOs of Fortune 50 companies to government officials South Africa. She is Senior Fellow and serves as Director of Penn MedEd Master's Program and PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program at University of Pennsylvania. She also serves on the Board of Center for Social and Emotional Competency at University of the Pacific as well as the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute.

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