What is American Express’s global learning strategy?

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Megan Bilson (Former VP Global Learning, American Express)

Megan Bilson talks about the transformation that is taking place at American Express in terms of its employee learning operations including the development of a global learning strategy for all business units and the a focus on shared services.


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Megan Bilson

Former VP Global Learning, American Express

Megan Bilson is a highly accomplished executive with an extensive 18-year track record of success in leading teams to create, implement and measure HR/Talent solutions in a complex global environment. Strong leader focused on business impact of programs to ensure a high-performing organization. Deep experience in connecting programs to business strategy, to measure impact and drive success. Megan served as Vice President, Global Learning Solutions at American Express and currently is Vice President of Global Talent at QVC.

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Vaishali Jain

Vaishali Jain

Sarder TV Journalist, and Former Bloomberg TV Journalist

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