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Over-using PowerPoint Presentations


Over-using PowerPoint Presentations by Jeff Furman, PMP Certification Trainer

Jeff talks about how good teaching can involve the use of tools like Powerpoint but teaching needs to be much more than just using presentation skills. A great PowerPoint presentation can provide an overview and a wrap-up but an interactive educational discourse must happen in between.

Jeff Furman is a NetCom Learning authorized PMP Instructor. Jeff is the author of “The Project Management Answer Book”, and has trained hundreds of project managers from private industry, NYC government, and US Federal agencies toward their PMP and CAPM certifications.

NetCom Learning is a PMI Registered Education Provider. As an authorized training provider, NetCom Learning offers Project Management Professional (PMP) training that prepares students for PMI’s actual PMP exam while honing their project management skills.

To learn more about PMI training at NetCom Learning, visit: http://www.netcomlearning.com/vendors/64/PMI-training.html

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