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SarderTV is an online media company providing exclusive educational interviews with top leaders in their industries, as well as motivational videos encouraging the public to succeed in their personal and professional lives. SarderTV has covered countless leaders, who have shared their experiences on the path to success, including: Ira Neimark, Former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman; Russ Edelman, co-author of “Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office”; Dan Hoffman, Former President and CEO of M5 Networks; Susan Davis, CEO of BRAC USA; David Hershfield, SVP Online Technology at RedCats, and many more.



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About SarderTV

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Sarder TV is an online media platform that contains a series of exclusive content from thought leaders who are capable of exchanging ideas and methods on various business categories.

Sarder TV has covered countless leaders, who have shared their experiences on the path to success, including: Henry Paulson, Former US Secretary of the Treasury & CEO of Goldman Sachs; Ira Neimark, Former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman; Atefeh Riazi, CIO of United Nations; Karen Kocher, CLO at Cigna; Vijay Govindarajan, Best Selling Author and Professor at Dartmouth; and many more.

Founder and CEO

Russell Sarder – Author, Investor and CEO of Learning

Award-winning Author, Investor and CEO of Learning, Russell Sarder promotes a culture of learning in everything he does. Sarder is also recognized as the Founder and CEO of a Top 10 Asian American Business by US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce. Sarder also received a Gold Stevie Award for “Executive of the Year” by American Business Awards.

Russell Sarder began his first successful million-dollar dot.com enterprise: angryman.com, at age 23.

At age 24, he founded NetCom Learning and built it into a multi-million dollar business. NetCom Learning is the leading learning organization for IT and business skills training. Along the way, he has developed a track record for building successful businesses. NetCom Learning is honored to be recognized as Microsoft’s Worldwide “Learning Solutions Partner of the Year” and to be recognized thrice in America’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies” by Inc. Magazine.

Sarder is known as the CEO of Learning. Sarder’s portfolio includes the production of educational media through his education media company, award-winning learning software, and cloud learning companies. He also acts as an angel investor to promising startups and aggressive entrepreneurs.

Sarder owes much of his success to his passion for becoming a lifelong learner. As a learning activist, he created a learning movement, a scholarship and he shared his expertise in his award-winning book “Learning: Steps to Becoming a Passionate Lifelong Learner”, which was selected by Newark Peace Education Summit, where the XIVth Dalai Lama received a copy. An engaging speaker, Sarder brings inspiration to business conferences and events motivating audiences to better their lives by expanding their skills.

– Website: http://www.russellsarder.com
– LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/russellsarder
– Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/russellsarder
– Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/russellsarder
– YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RussellSarder

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Speakers List

Henry Paulson, Former US Secretary of the Treasury & CEO of Goldman Sachs
Susan Davis, CEO of BRAC USA
Karen Kocher, CLO at Cigna
Atefeh Riazi, CIO of United Nations
Tom Evans, CLO of PricewaterhouseCoopers
Regis Courtemanche, Director of Learning & Talent Development at BuzzFeed
Ira Neimark, Bergdorf Goodman’s Former CEO
Vijay Govindarajan, Best Selling Author and Professor at Dartmouth
Rob Flaherty, CEO & President of Ketchum
Russell Stevens, SS+K Former Partner
Dan Hoffman, Former CEO of M5 Networks
Bill Rosenthal, Kaplan College former President
David Harshfield, eBay’s Former Sr. Global Director
Andrew Winston, co-author of best-selling “Green to Gold” and “Green Recovery”
Dan Leidl, co-author of “Team Turnarounds”
Jeff Furman, author of “The Project Management Answer Book”
Rene Hagen, CEO, Quint Wellington Redwood
Hans van Harwaarden, Executive member of board, Quint Wellington Redwood
Savio Chan, CEO of US China Partners

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